No time to reference applicants?

Automated referencing offering deep work insights, without the hassle

Keiran Dodd,

'Zinc is user-friendly, time saving software.'

Zinc's referencing

Employee references are the only way to fact-check candidate experience and gain real insights into what makes them tick. But when you’re under pressure to hire great people, and fast, those all-important reference checks often get overlooked.

We’ve built Zinc, to make sourcing employment references easy, transparent and trustworthy, while delivering deep, qualitative insights on how candidates have performed in previous roles.

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Why Zinc?

ATS Integrations

Integration with ATS systems, including Greenhouse and Workable, means Zinc fits seamlessly into your recruitment process.

Flexible plans

Try for free, then cancel, pause or change your plan at any time. We work around your hiring needs.

Secure data

Built on open-source software, Ethereum & IPFS. Zinc enables you to see how data is recorded in a secure trasnparent fashion.

Reusable references

Zinc stores a permanent, blockchain-backed and employer-verified proof of employee work history. Gift candidates with data they can reuse.

Incentive system

Zinc uses a unique incentive system to deep insights from previous managers into environments that candidates might excel in.

Real time tracking

Get real time updates when your request has been picked up and when each peice of data has been submitted.

Technical benefits

GDPR compliant

Fully compliant with UK data law, from storing to sharing.


Direct ATS integrations. Get in touch and we’ll set you up.


Direct support from Zinc founders and core development team.


Have your say on features and changes. All feedback is read and considered.

Why you should reference

Better hiring decisions

Get in-depth insights on past work performance and areas of development, to ensure job fit.

Faster ROI on new hires

Insights into previous work allow you to reduce the time from new joiner to high performer.

Work verification

To verify candidates have worked where they say they have, between the right dates and correct job title.