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Zinc Launches a New Partnership with SmartRecruiters

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Charlotte Hall

Charlotte Hall

3rd September 2019

Zinc joins forces with SmartRecruiters

Zinc is setting a new standard for reference checks and today we announce an exciting new partnership with SmartRecruiters, a leading applicant tracking system.

Zinc announces a new partnership with SmartRecruiters

We’ve been striving hard to make sure we are combining forces with best-in-class partners, who share our mission to transform candidate experiences. SmartRecruiters is one of those partners. Undoubtedly, a global leader of cloud-based talent acquisition software, used by over 4000 companies such as MacDonald’s, Visa, LinkedIn and Bosch, SmartRecruiters allows companies to automate all aspects of hiring.

"We're very excited to onboard Zinc to the SmartRecruiters Marketplace. For decades, there's been little meaningful disruption in the background and reference check business. Putting personal identity on a blockchain brings control back to the consumer. Not only does it flip the model on its head, but it's also more compliant with modern privacy regulations." Roy Baladi, Head of Communications, SmartRecruiters

Partnering with SmartRecruiters broadens their hiring toolkit, providing their clients with a solution that can transform referencing experiences for everyone, providing a transparent and smooth process for everyone involved.

Seamless and customisable

Using Zinc as your SmartRecruiters referencing solution means that not only will you gain in-depth feedback from candidates’ previous colleagues, but your candidates will also be able to view, own and reuse their references throughout their career. This seamless integration turns references into a point of delight in the candidate experience. The qualitative referee feedback can be used to personalise onboarding journeys so you can ensure your new hires are on the right path to success. 

We’ve worked with experts in referencing to design questions that will elicit the data that matters to you. We’ve created four different reference types: culture-add, employment verification, competency and remote worker. From the Zinc dashboard, choose from one of the reference types to generate a question set and then you can customise them so they fit your company, your requirements and your culture. Once you’ve created a default question set, Zinc will use these whenever you choose to reference a candidate from SmartRecruiters.

Read the step by step guide or watch this video to see what the integration looks like.

For more information on reference checks and best practices, read Zinc's Complete guide to reference checks.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about future integrations, get in contact at We’d love to hear from you.

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