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Francisco Fidalgo joins Zinc

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Charlotte Hall

Charlotte Hall

26th July 2019

Zinc is growing, and we're very pleased to welcome Francisco Fidalgo to our business development team. Francisco is driven with a real entrepreneurial spirit. He recently graduated from Lancaster University with a 1st class degree in engineering, but during his studies he discovered a love for business, taking on projects in his spare time. In this interview, Francisco shares his experiences, interests and why he has chosen to join Zinc.

Francisco Fidalgo joins Zinc's business development team

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm originally from Portugal where I grew up on my family's farm. When headed to university, I decided I wanted to go abroad. This took me to Lancaster University. There I studied for a Mechanical Engineering degree. Halfway through my degree, I realised my passion wasn't with the engineering itself but how it relates to people. I decide to carry on with my degree but pursue other, more entrepreneurial, avenues in my spare time. So, I engaged in many business competitions that took me from New Zealand to California. This was in part what led me to do a year abroad in Iowa, USA. There, I ran the University's Solar Car Team business efforts. After finishing my degree, I moved to London where I now work and live in Brixton.

What made you want to join Zinc?

I wanted to join a small team with a huge potential for growth. Due to my engineering background, I wanted to join a company that was pushing the technological boundary on an age-old problem. The element zinc is often used in engineering as a catalyst, which means it's added to a reaction in order to speed it up. So I saw Zinc as the catalyst between employers and their candidates' references, speeding up that process. This really resonated with me and my interests.

In your role, what are your key points in helping Zinc realise its full potential?

My job is to help recruitment teams across the world by sharing with them the benefits of referencing through Zinc. I bring fresh eyes to regular business development tasks. I'm building on the work done before by using some of my previous experience as inspiration to develop new campaigns and approaches. Hopefully, I can not only help Zinc reach its potential but also expand it.

What are the things that you hold in value outside of your work?

Outside of work, I'm interested in entrepreneurship and advances in technology, so I spend quite a bit of time learning about these topics. I value frugality and will always try to find a more cost-effective way to achieve an objective, so I love a good deal. Finally, I'm really into running, it helps me to clear my head, digest complex issues and the fat around the stomach area! So, you can often find me running around Brixton, listening to a tech founders book and occasionally stopping by Tesco to check out the reduced section!

Bonus: do you have any hidden talents?

I am very good around dogs. Although I can't teach them tricks, I can easily befriend them!

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