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Want to Retain your Culture as you Grow?

Luke Shipley

Luke Shipley

24th April 2019

Retaining your company culture as you scale isn’t easy, yet hiring managers have few objective ways to assess the cultural fit of potential employees. Culture add referencing is a new tool developed by Zinc, bringing an innovative approach to screening for culture. Asking your candidate’s references about work culture can also facilitate personalised on-boarding journeys.

Culture is the DNA of every organisation. As unique people come together towards a common goal they create unpredictable, unique environments. This is why scaling your business and keeping culture consistent is so tricky. Effective company cultures become more diverse as they grow. Which means personalising your on-boarding experiences is an essential stage in empowering all employees, providing them with the best opportunity to succeed.

We have developed a culture-add referencing tool which aims to elicit the environments in which your candidates might excel by drawing insights from previous colleagues and managers. This reference check also extracts which management style would be most suitable, enabling new joiners to thrive from the outset. Zinc’s culture-add referencing tool highlights the synergies in candidates’ values with your own and those which might conflict, empowering you to make better recruitment choices..

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Here’s how it works:

1. Find candidates

2. Sign-up or sign-in: with a social account or email/password.

Zinc login

3. Head to the “Questions” tab and decide when you will be referencing.

This is a crucial decision as it will define the type of information we try to extract in your candidate's references: If you choose to reference at offer stage then we shoot for on-boarding information, such as the best team to place them in, how to manage and progress them. If you’re brave enough to reference prior to offer stage, then we will extract assessment information from your references to aid final decisions.

Zinc question set

4. Select the culture-add reference.

Zinc culture add flow

5. Choose a name for your form.

Zinc custom questions

6. Now you can customise your questions in line with your company’s values.

Here, you have the opportunity to edit the questions in the template to focus on topics that are most important for your company. Zinc can help you design your questions to extract the right information.

Zinc customise reference questions

7. Get in touch with Zinc to add the integration to your ATS. Book in a chat to find out more about our culture-add referencing tool. Or simply how to improve your companies referencing.


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