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How to Use Zinc in Workable

How to
Helen Gilroy-Powell

Helen Gilroy-Powell

10th December 2019

Workable is one of the world’s top-rated ATSs, which makes us even more excited to announce them as Zinc’s latest integration partner. This integration means you can take advantage of Zinc’s blockchain-backed references and background checks from the comfort of your Workable dashboard.

Using Zinc in Workable couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up to Zinc and generate your API key

When you’re ready to start using Zinc in Workable, speak to your Zinc account manager to choose your payment plan and activate your account. Activation will usually take no more than a couple of minutes. You can then generate your Zinc API key from your profile page.

Generate API Key to use Zinc in workable

2. Add Zinc API key to Workable

Navigate to the Workable integrations page and you’ll find Zinc under ‘Background checks’. Paste your Zinc API key into your Workable account and click ‘Update settings'. Your integration will be live instantly. 

Paste your Zinc API key into Workable ATS

3. Perform background check

Now you’re ready to conduct background checks directly in Workable. From your candidate’s page select the 'more actions' three dots. Then from the dropdown select ‘Perform background check’ and choose the check package you want to use for that candidate - the defaults are criminal, ID / global sanctions or employment checks, but if you want to focus on specific topics in your background checks, you can customise your checks with Zinc’s question editor. The check is triggered at the click of a button. Remember to tell your candidate that Zinc is your background check provider and to look out for an email from us. 

Perform a background check with Zinc in Workable

4. Let Zinc work

Zinc will contact your candidate via email and text, asking them to provide information for the checks you need to complete. For criminal record checks and ID / global sanctions checks, all your candidate has to do is enter their details and Zinc will do the rest.

For employment verification checks, they will be asked to enter the contact details of past colleagues who will then automatically be contacted and asked to complete the questions from your chosen check package. We also send automated reminders to all parties to ensure that you get your checks back in good time. 

enter referee details

5. Track the progress

If you want to know how your checks are progressing, you will be able to view updates directly in Workable. You can view the real-time status of the checks on each candidate's Workable page. Updates will appear in your candidates timeline as each stage is completed. 

View background check updates on candidate profile

6. View checks and share reference insights

As soon as the checks are completed, you will be able to view the results immediately. You and your team can see if checks pass, and read in-depth candidate insights directly from the candidate’s profile in Workable. Under the results, a unique, shareable link will appear where you can view the checks in Zinc. This information can be used to inform better hiring decisions or create data-driven personalised onboarding journeys.

View Zinc reference in workable

Watch a video of how the integration works here.

Important things to note:

  • Let your candidates know what referencing software you’re using—they’ll reply much faster if they know who Zinc is.

  • Provide a mobile number for the candidate if you can—this can speed up the process if the candidate doesn’t check their emails regularly. Please ensure the number is correct before submitting. 

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