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How to: request references through SmartRecruiters

How to
Charlotte Hall

Charlotte Hall

3rd September 2019

If you’re hiring and you’d like to try Zinc, you first need to book a demo call with a member of the team who will go through your specific requirements to see if Zinc is the right fit for your hiring needs. If you’re interested in the platform but aren’t ready to book a demo you can create a free account and watch a two-minute demo in the Recruit tab. When you’re ready to start using the platform, get in contact and a member of the Zinc team will unlock your account and you can begin requesting references from the recruit tab. Here are the following steps you need to take:

Request integration from Smart Recruiters Marketplace

Search for Zinc on the SmartRecruiters Marketplace, and click ‘Get Started’. If you’ve already had a demo, simply enter your information and add in your Zinc account manager’s contact details.  Zinc will set up your account and notify you when the integration is complete. This should take 1-2 working days.

Request SmartRecruiters integration

Customise your reference questions

In the demo, we will have taken you through the questions most suited to your business, but you can customise them further or add multiple sets. Simply click the green button from the Questions tab and complete the following steps: 

Decide whether you are going to reference pre- or post-offer. Select one of the four different types of referencing we have:

  • Culture-add reference—Keep culture consistent whilst scaling

  • Remote-worker reference—Assessing remote teams requires trust

  • Competency reference—A tool to help filter the top 10% of applicants

  • Employment verification—No unnecessary paperwork, fast compliant reference

Name your question set and click ‘finish’. You will then be able to view and edit your questions to customise your references.

To make a set your default, open the question set, scroll to the bottom and click ‘make this my default question set’. When you create a new reference request this will appear as your chosen set. It can be changed at any time. If you’re unsure about what would be the questions to ask, have a read of our blog, the best questions to ask when checking references.

Customise your reference questions in Zinc

Request a reference

There are two ways you can collect a reference in SmartRecruiters:

Candidate level: You can trigger a reference for each individual candidate by going to the Reference Check under 'Assessments' on the candidate profile, and selecting Zinc.

Account level: Automate your reference checks across your Smart recruiters account. Go to ‘Hiring Process’ under configuration settings and add the Reference Check step under the stage you’d like to reference your candidates. For both the above options, Zinc will pull the candidate’s name, email, and phone number from SmartRecruiters, and contact them via email and text to start the referencing process. Remember to let your candidate know that Zinc is your referencing provider and to look out for an email from us.

Request a reference in SmartRecruiters

Let Zinc work

Zinc will contact your candidate via email and text to ask for the contact details of their referees. The candidate is asked to digitally consent to the references being collected. We then contact the referees and ask them to complete the questions you have chosen. We send automated reminders to ensure that you get your references in good time.

Track the progress within SmartRecruiters

You can view the current reference status for each candidate in their profile. The status will say, “in progress”, “pending”, “complete” or “failed” depending on the stage the references are at. To view the references, you can either click “Test results” or click the longer URL. 

Track reference progress in SmartRecruiters

View reference insights

You can view the references directly in SmartRecruiters by clicking “Test results” in your candidate activity or under assessments on the right hand side.  This will bring up the candidate’s page with verified references. You’ll also be notified by email to view them in a unique, shareable link. This video demonstrates the full reference process when using SmartRecruiters.

View reference insights

Get in touch if you’d like support: We’d love to hear your feedback too.

Important things to note:

  • Let your candidates know what referencing software you’re using—they’ll reply much quicker if they know who Zinc is.

  • Provide a mobile number for the candidate if you can—this can speed up the process if the candidate doesn’t check their emails regularly. Please ensure the number is correct before submitting. 

Start using Zinc through SmartRecruiters today

Book a demo to find out more about one of our most comprehensive integrations.