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Helen Gilroy-Powell joins Zinc

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Luke Shipley

Luke Shipley

21st May 2019

We’re lucky to have a talented new member at Zinc—Helen. Helen is a true wordsmith, with a PhD in linguistics and has her 3rd degree on the way, this time in marketing. Helen has a remarkable background, one that’s highly relevant to Zinc, having studied online identity and being passionate about equality and openness. In this interview we delve into Helen’s academic background and what inspired her to join Zinc.

Helen Gilroy-Powell

Please tell us about yourself & your background

I’m a marketer and copywriter, currently studying for an MSc in Marketing Communications at Birkbeck. I’m originally from Yorkshire but I’ve spent time living in France, Greece and Switzerland. I moved to London last summer.

I’ve spent the majority of my career so far in academia; I finished my PhD in language and online identity in 2015. I’ve held various lecturing positions in the UK and Switzerland where I taught on a variety of linguistics courses ranging from language and technology, to intercultural communication, to language in the workplace. In my teaching I often found myself using examples from marketing and advertising to demonstrate linguistic concepts. I also loved working with friends and local groups over the years on promotional campaigns on social media and through events. When I moved back to the UK, I knew I wanted to take this to the next level and pursue marketing as a full-time career.

What made you want to join Zinc?

When I first heard that a company was using blockchain to build HR software, I was intrigued and excited to see a tangible application for this new technology. I love the ethos behind our product—giving users ownership of their data, creating a system that is transparent and fair. The team are driven and clearly want to create the best product possible. I find their enthusiasm infectious and I’m excited for the company’s future.

In your role, what are your key points in helping Zinc’s realise its full potential?

In my work, I want to make sure that everything I do is data-driven or grounded in research, and if that’s not possible—let the experimentation begin! I’ve been learning so much through my Master’s that I’m looking forward to putting into practice at Zinc, ensuring we’re always following current best practices and that we grow as a fresh, forward-thinking brand.

What are the things that you personally hold in value outside of your work?

My main values are equality and openness to new experiences. I am a strong believer that everyone should have the same opportunities in life and deserves to have their voice heard. I thrive on variety and love trying out new things, whether it is a new recipe, seeing an emerging band or traveling to a new country.

Bonus question: Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m an avid crafter and I love making things. I’ve tried my hand at a lot of crafts from pottery to metal stamping and I love everything about it, from the design, to problem-solving to simply creating something beautiful with my hands. I’ve recently moved to a smaller flat so I’ve had to streamline my crafting and now I focus on yarn crafts and paper crafts—my favourites are crochet and origami.

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