Our mission

To become the world’s first proven careers ledger & trusted hiring network.

Empowering workers as the rightful owner & controller of their career & skills data.

Creating an ecosystem without prejudice, one which you're solely judged on proven skills.

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Anna King
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Charlotte Hall
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George Bennett
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Jenny Sumner
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Luke Shipley
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Matthew Wagerfield
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Our story

Tech recruitment is riddled with inefficiency, prejudice and a lack of transparency. Increased demand for highly specialist skills and a shortage of good people has created a world of hiring delays, mismatched candidates and lost momentum for fast growing businesses. Meanwhile, good candidates are hounded, spammed and have their data abused, as recruiters and hiring managers desperately search for the right person. As things stand, recruitment is failing to deliver for employers and candidates alike.

Former recruiter and Zinc co-founder, Luke Shipley, was so frustrated by the state of affairs that he decided to find a better way. Envisaging a recruitment journey that empowers workers and levels the playing field, the idea for Zinc was born. It’s a platform that brings transparency and privacy back to recruitment, protecting workers data and giving them ownership of their work identity. For the first time, recruitment has an ecosystem where individuals, companies and recruiters can interact fairly and make hiring decisions based on real, trusted insights / work proof.

  • Every individual has the right to fully own data on their skills and experience. Nobody should be tied to centralised platforms, where data ownership lies with a third party.
  • No worker should be subject to prejudice over age, gender, nationality, race or the university they went to. Recruiters should adopt anonymised recruitment practices wherever possible.
  • Workers should be judged on their personal attributes and skills only.
  • Workers should have control over when they interact with employers and recruiters, and not be subject to data abuse.
  • As a legal right, every worker should have a platform to access and own their work data and control their professional identity.
  • In a tokenised world, everyone should be rewarded for sharing data.
  • Referencing and background checks should be standard practice for all hiring journeys, giving employers verified evidence of employee skills and experience, via streamlined referencing tools.
  • Employers should be able to trust, and have a way of verifying, candidate claims regarding work experience, skills and qualifications.
  • Employers should have access to a wider range of work proof relating to candidates, including previous test results, interview feedback and background checks - where authorised by the candidate.