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Our mission

Zinc is redefining the reference check. Offering new formulas for referencing, unlocking new data and opening up new insights. Propelling referencing from a painful part of your process - to the most impressive. Zinc’s scalable technology will facilitate unforgettable candidate journeys.

Photo of Charlotte Hall
Charlotte Hall
A natural disruptor, Charlotte has a flair for organic marketing solutions. With a keen eye for design, in her spare time Charlotte can be found throwing on the wheel at her local pottery studio.
Photo of Helen Gilroy-Powell
Helen Gilroy-Powell
Content Lead
An academic with a creative streak. She has a PhD in linguistics and is now taking an MSc in Marketing. In her downtime, Helen loves crocheting with a cup of tea and the latest Netflix series.
Photo of Lenard Pratt
Lenard Pratt
Software Developer
A master of all trades, Lenard works on both the front and back-end of Zinc. When he isn't working or studying for his BSc in Computer Science, he manages his competitive fantasy football team.
Photo of Luke Shipley
Luke Shipley
A recruiter-turned-developer who has grown 3 startups, featured on Dragons Den, and has sourced talent globally. When he’s not coding, he can be caught eating peanut butter from the jar.
Photo of Peter Brooke
Peter Brooke
An experienced CTO and renowned Agile leader, Peter has delivered innovative products in Blockchain (Tailster) Finance (Lloyds) and IoT. A family man with two daughters and a growing guinea-pig army.
Photo of Sanjeev Ponnapula
Sanjeev Ponnapula
Tech Lead
A highly ambitious (and competitive) developer and problem-solver. At Zinc, he’s built and integrated our Vue application. Out of work, Sanjeev can be found in deep warfare playing League of Legends.


Photo of Alexandra Kelly
Alexandra Kelly
Employment Entrepreneur

Our story

Luke, one of the founders of Zinc, spent the best part of a decade in the field of recruitment. He saw a field plagued with inefficiency, prejudice and a lack of transparency. One problem stuck with Luke, a problem that encapsulated the issues in recruiting - referencing. The practice is plagued with poor candidate experiences, bias, data wastage, and inefficient processes.

Luke believed a fairer, transparent process was possible. One which was quick, easy and productive for every party. A process enabling candidates to own their data, and companies got the in-depth, unbiased insight they needed.

At the beginning of 2019, team Zinc defined what they are passionate about...

Our vision:

  • Zinc will become the go-to formula for referencing - with or without our tools.
  • Zinc will create the fabric for the future of sustainable work data.
  • Defining new forms of referencing, creating an industry standard for applicant referencing.
  • Shift behaviors in referencing, opening up new information to extract.


  • Helping shape the future of work, a future that cares about privacy.
  • Initiating interviewing that respects individuals time & work data.
  • Spread widespread referencing knowledge, leading to safer, more productive practice for all.