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I have not previously seen innovations like this in the industry

Alexandra Kelly, Ex-Hireright MD

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A deeper understanding of candidates

Say goodbye to bad hiring decisions with transparent and trusted work proof at your fingertips.

In what capacity do you know Satoshi?
Satoshi and I worked together for a number of years. We set up the cryptography research lab at Microsoft which grew from the two of us to over 200 staff globally.
Select up to 3 attributes that best describe Satoshi's work ethic.
Satoshi is dedicated, ambitious and a team player.
Describe a scenario in which Satoshi would excel and one that's not suitable for them.
Satoshi is a smart and experimental thinker and would struggle in a well defined role with clear boundries. Satoshi would excel given a task to work on alone or one which had to capture the imagination of others.

Share data seamlessly

Share candidate profiles faster

Securely share candidate profiles with a link that can be viewed instantly on any device. No more downloads, passwords or email attachments.

Stay informed

Hassle-free references

Request the references you need and Zinc will do the rest. Automatic follow ups and updates mean you can spend more time interviewing and less time chasing.

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Empower candidates

Share third party references, work proof and career insights with candidates. Through blockchain technology individuals can truly own and control all their work data, then re-use it throughout their career.

Zinc's Key Features

Immutable references

Permanent proof of work history, dates and positions, verified by past employers. Backed-up by blockchain technology, candidates can keep and reuse work proof for future opportunities.

Aptitude & attitude reports

See fast ROI from new joiners. Employer feedback on previous roles reduces time from new joiner to high performer.

Data visualisations for social rankings

Compare candidates on location fit and programming language skills with a built in ranking system for GitHub and Stack Overflow.

Background checks

Select the information you require and initiate background checks at the click of a button. Share blockchain-backed identity proofs with new hires, to support their training and future career development.

Anonymous hiring, without bias

No spam, no time wasters. Interact in a network with no hiring bias. Candidates are judged only on their proven skills, reducing the chance of prejudice.

Decentralised identity

For the first time, individuals have full ownership and control of their work identity. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Zinc provides full transparency of how career data has been collected and verified.

Technical benefits

GDPR compliant

Fully compliant with UK data law, from storing to sharing.

ATS integrations

Direct ATS integrations. Get in touch and we’ll set you up.

Customer support

Direct support from Zinc founders and core development team.


Have your say on features and changes. All feedback is read and considered.