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Putting trust at the heart of hiring

Transparent and authenticated work reputation system. Hiring tools to make better decisions, every time.

#21 JavaScript developer in the UK on GitHub
18 top answers on StackExchange
24 months validated Vue.js on Zinc

I have not previously seen innovations like this in the industry

Alexandra Kelly, Ex-Hireright MD

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Aptitude and attitude reports

Say goodbye to bad hiring decisions and get transparent and trusted work proof at your fingertips. We've researched the best questions to ask so you don’t have to.

In what capacity do you know Satoshi?
Satoshi and I worked together for a number of years. We set up the cryptography research lab at Microsoft which grew from the two of us to over 200 staff globally.
Select up to 3 attributes that best describe Satoshi's work ethic.
Satoshi is dedicated, ambitious and a team player.
Describe a scenario in which Satoshi would excel and one that's not suitable for them.
Satoshi is a smart and experimental thinker and would struggle in a well defined role with clear boundries. Satoshi would excel given a task to work on alone or one which had to capture the imagination of others.

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Seamless collaboration

Securely share candidate profiles with just a link and view it instantly on any device. No more downloads, passwords or email attachments.

Stay informed

Real-time updates

Watch references go from delivery to completion. Zinc will automatically follow-up from those you haven’t received, giving you more time throughout the process to find the right talent.

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Empower candidates

Gift candidates the information collected. Through blockchain technology they can truly own and control their data, then re-use it throughout the rest of their career.

Key Features

Immutable references

Everlasting proof of work history, dates and positions. Backed-up by blockchain technology, workers can keep and reuse verified formal references.

Aptitude & attitude reports

Find a worker that will thrive first time around. Get feedback from previous employers, those who have long term insight into previous work, reducing time from new joiner to high performer.

Data visualisations for social rankings

A ranking system for GitHub and Stack Overflow, visualising how workers rank against others for location and different languages.

Background checks

Select the information you require and initiate background checks at the click of a button. Gift new employees with blockchain-backed identity proofs they’ll appreciate for the rest of their career.

Anonymous hiring network

No spam, no time wasters. Interact in a network with proven information and no hiring bias. Zinc helps reduce prejudice in the hiring process by ensuring workers are judged only on their proven skills.

Decentralised identity

An identity contract deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain for each user. Control your web3 identity by adding or removing claims like proof of right to work or proof of employment history. Reuse these proofs, avoid having to prove them over and over throughout your career.

Technical Details

GDPR compliant

Compliance with EU law for storing & sharing data.


Direct ATS integrations. Get in touch to get setup.


Direct support from the founders and core development team.


Share your feedback. Bespoke features are being implemented.